Pennsylvania Spice Cabinet Part III: Bracket Feet and Moulding

Next up on the Spice Cabinet build is to make the bracket feet and moulding.  I have to say this was the part that really took some time and really got me into a ‘paralysis by analysis’ mode.  I had never made bracket feet before, so I think I over-thought the entire process. And for … Continue reading

Pennsylvania Spice Cabinet – Part II

Continuing on with Part II of the Spice Cabinet build.  Since the last time, I’ve been working on making the shelves and dividers that make up the interior of the cabinet. Each was made from roughly 1/4″ stock and involves a series of stopped dados. If you’re not very good a stopped dados, which I … Continue reading

Pennsylvania Spice Cabinet – Part I

Let me start this post by saying, if anyone has a cure for Woodworking A-D-D, let me know.  This project, nor the inlay tools I’ll need later in the build, were not even on my radar. But I had alot of fun making mouldings for the Tea Caddy, and when I saw Megan Fitzpatrick’s Spice Box … Continue reading

Intro to Blogging

Well…after a quite a bit of waffling…I’ve decided to step outside my comfort zone and start a blog. I consider myself part of the ‘Podcast Generation’ of woodworking and I’ve been following the blogs of the big three (Renaissance WW, Wood Whisperer, and Matt’s Basement Workshop) for some time now, and most recently have discovered … Continue reading